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4 1/4 x 4 3/4 inches


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HERE?S PROOF! Mathew Brady and his stable of excellent daguerreotypists consistently won a myriad of awards for their premium quality daguerreotypes in the late 1840s. Embossed inside the fine leather push button case, that measured 4 ¾ x 5 ½ inches; on a burgundy toned velvet pad was ?Brady?s Gallery 205 & 207 Broadway New York?. In Craig?s Daguerreian Registry John mentioned that Brady used these dual addresses in 1848-1849, which fits the timeframe of this chap?s magnificent holographic portrait perfectly! When Casey removed the dag to perform the professional conservation he called me into his office. We were both amazed to see that the surface of the likeness was the same size as the stamped foil mat, 4 &frac14 x 4 &frac34 inches, that was lined with a layer of compressed paper underneath. While we aren?t certain if Brady?s operations were the first to use this particular mat style, we have seen it in examples by Vance, Hesler and to a lesser extent by other makers. I can?t recall having previously seen a Brady image done like this fellow?s masterwork with similar dimensions, which makes me wonder if this particular character was a very important person and requested something different? I also need to mention that on the reverse of this fine dag, a mustard colored wax is extant. This application was peculiar to Brady?s New York establishment. Please forget about the wayward oxidation and those spots caused by earlier horrific glass. Rather focus on the intense power and wealth that oozed from the man?s extraordinary image. The careful use of layers of pigments painted on his face created a lifelike impression on the holographic silver. If you require one Brady portrait for your collection that will resonate stronger then 99% of all others, you might consider this brilliant achievement that has astounding contrast and tonality!