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4 x 5 inches


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“NUDE”! “Lamy NM July 30, 2004 copyright R. Shlaer 914” was the annotation inscribed by Bob on the reverse of his phenomenal 4 x 5 inch daguerreotype! The previous owner of this masterpiece, who bought the daguerreotype from Shlaer, commissioned Alan Bekhuis to construct a magnificent wine hued leather case and paper box to hold the portrait. Needless to say, for those of you who have never seen a Bekhuis case, the entire presentation even BEFORE the remarkable piece is examined, was sumptuously crafted! The composition of the dag and Bob?s use of solarization were both outstanding. His unidentified model turned her face away from the lens. The actual luminescence of the likeness is equal to the greatest portraits made during the daguerreian era. The tonality and contrast were both superlative! This magical triumph on silver would fit nicely into anyone?s collection that appreciates the exquisiteness and mysteries of the feminine form! The divergence between the texture of the branches and the silky softness of the model?s skin was magnificent! Delicate rim lighting outlined the lady?s beautiful shapely body. Bob used an oval paper mat to frame his subject.