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Superb Lighting


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REMEMBER READERS . . . I have always said that it is extremely difficult to accurately reproduce any daguerreotype that has the essence of brilliance associated with the making of the image. Driving up to Portsmouth, NH just after mid-day in May, he was uncertain what he was going to daguerreotype. I know my son well enough now; when he has sensitized plates, a camera and tripod he always develops interesting subjects. I first saw this awesome “still life” in the fixer and knew once it was finished and gilded with gold chloride the result would be impressive! The whole plate is framed with New Hampshire birch bark and archivally sealed. The overall tonality is splendid and the subtlety in the details is superlative. Casey has always viewed his surroundings with a different eye for beauty, composition and uniqueness. He has transferred his visions of the world to plates of finely polished mirrored silver. The reflected depth is deep and the contrast is superb. The image is offered without a frame and the exterior measurements are 7 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches.