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A Pair of Dags, A Pair of Siblings….


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These sixth plates are two images taken one shortly after the other. Of course it is impossible to tell which one came first. Depending which one was first the brother either grabs his sister tighter or lessens up his grip upon her shoulder. The stunning fact is that both of their gazes into the lens remained resolute in both dags. while their hand positions changed.  Likely they were told to remain seated but not given further posing instructions for the second sixth plate to be taken. I say this because I don’t think the photographer would have intentionally moved the bouquet of flowers almost out of frame. Pairs of dags that are made close in time always have a bit more life to them as we are literally seeing the subjects change right before our eyes from plate to plate. Speaking of the plates, both are in very good condition with some scattered mold spiders on each. They are held in different cases that date c.1845/46.