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Beauty by a Boston Maker…


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A long time collector added this lovely sixth plate image to his horde in 2005. The use of the mat and being held in a nice black pushbutton case favored by Boston daguerreotypist lends well to that thought. Of course, we cannot ignore the amazing blacks and whites achieved in this nearly perfectly preserved plate. The fringe lace of her shawl shows well with the contrast of her white shirt and collar.  Her lips and cheeks have a slight tint that may have at one point been brighter.  Many dags were cleaned around the turn of the 19th/20th century, but that was likely done by a professional since this dag still shines wonderfully!  A small area of mold to her left as well as a few small spots are just afterthoughts when being taken in by the beauty of this woman. She has an endearing look at the camera I do think full knowing how well her daguerreotype would develop. I would wager that this wasn’t the first time she had been captured on a shining silver plate. Please note that the scan does not properly capture the dag’s beauty. Our dad could have done it though.