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Dag Jewelery


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SURPRISED! Rarely does a daguerreotype or even an item from the dag era take me completely by surprise. I saw this older woman nestled in a locked case amongst other pieces of 19th century jewelry and thought I would have a look. The shop owner handed me the brooch and I realized it felt odd in my hand. When I turned it over I was amazed. I have never seen four smaller compartments made to hold hair or other dags. As you will notice there is hair in one space. It is complete and original to the day it was made. The condition of the woman is nearly pristine with slight patina. She was crisply focused and the contrast and depth are impressive. All the scratches and white dots are part of the glass. There is a small crimp mark on the left side of the case. The measurements for the case are: 1.5 x 1 7/8ths inches and the woman is: 1 3/16ths x 1.5. The smaller windows on the reverse are: 7/16ths x 5/8ths.