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 Darkly Dressed But Happy


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…Some would say, “oh she’s in mourning with that black dress and hairstyle.” Yes, maybe, but many non black colors including will translate as black in ambrotypes and daguerreotypes.  Her slightly smirking smile as well as her confident posture makes me think she was out for a nice night on the town after this ruby glass ambro was taken.  I bet that she jumped up after the exposure, eagerly awaiting the image to be finished. The ambrotype being a relatively simpler process than the daguerreotype, meant that she could wait a short while, then take the image able to show it off for all to see. It is always nice to see a sitter that is happy to be there, then we can only hope she was as happy in her life as when this image was made. The image has its original seals and comes in a thermoplastic case with only two small chips. There is a price of $1.75 in the bottom. The image itself is in fine condition.  A purple case pad completes the package.