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The family resemblance among the eight people in this masterful quarter plate daguerreotype is very strong, don’t you think? From the shape of their faces to their eyebrows to their serious looks, I imagine they were quite a handful all together. Every one stayed still for the portrait except for the youngest boy, at the back right with his sisters. He even looks kind of cross, like he knew that he marred the image by moving. The dag was made in a simple studio, perhaps even in their home, as a dark cloth was hung directly behind the group and a lighter one in the doorway behind that. The image is in fine condition, with just a few minor mat abrasions at the edges. It is resealed and comes in a case that has an old spine repair. If you want to own a marvelous image that’s been in a private collection for many years, this is the one for you! I remember loving it when my dad first owned it years ago.