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Half Plate


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STANDING THERE! The callow lass stood resolute next to that cloth draped table. She placed one hand on the edge while dangling the opposite arm along her side. She wore two rings and a pair of bracelets plus a metallic chain with a locket suspended at the center. Because the half plate daguerreotype with a new archival seal was so splendidly taken after 1850, lit from overhead and bathed the child with such excellence, I would suspect that she was taken in a studio in a large urban area. Casey re-cleaned the brilliantly polished silver that has reflective excellence, fine contrast and beautiful tonality. The luminosity of this likeness is sensationally seen when the whole leather push button case is opened. A bright deeply embossed burgundy pad is opposite the subject, who wore a stylish off the shoulder dress with plaid ribbons and similar accents across the bottom of the dress.