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A Church, an Open Umbrella, & Architechural Splendor, Half Plate Dag


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ARCHITECTURAL SPLENDOR! Here is an amazing monumental triumph on a palette of silver! The archivally resealed half plate was taken by a man who understood the elements of angles and camera position to make the edifice look correct, without too much distortion. The placement of the ladies, one holding an open umbrella, provides scale and adds a very human ingredient to the overall magnificence. That is not a cloud next to the steeple on the left side. It is a hazy area caused by glass degradation. There is rich natural patina and faint hints of yellow oxidation, which we rarely see because so many plates have been previously cleaned, on the left and along the right side. The surface is superlative although mat abrasions on the bottom and along the left can be seen because the previous moron who sealed it lined it up completely incorrectly. A few black dots from the day it was made are barely visible. The leather case, circa 1846-48, is original to the image. For an additional bonus, as if one is necessary, look very closely to see that for a brief instance either the wind or the daguerreian caused camera movement and doubled the steeple! I don’t know any information about the denomination or location of the church. I believe that the sky was clear and the sun had just set when the exposure was made. Viewing this powerful dag with its wide range of mid-tones in the gloaming and that contrasting light azure hue provides us with an ethereal feeling set on good solid earth.