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Half Plate


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A TRANSFER . . . Of hairs might have been in order if the gent taken on a resilvered half plate was a very vain person. Having a receding line of hair on his head and that magnificent wiry beard . . .! Actually the likeness is so strong that I shouldn’t make sport of the man. Another fellow whose face looks so familiar. Maybe the next owner will be able to identify the chap. His daguerreotypist was capable of producing exceptional contrast and extraordinary reflected depth. There is such clarity in the close up example that the lighting scheme can easily be seen reflected in the subject’s dark friendly eyes. Main illumination entered the space from high on the right side and a huge white reflector admirably softened the shadows. Pale blue haze surrounds the handsome fellow. A teeny white circle is on his jacket lapel and a backwards “P” design lingers on his velvet collar. Since the gold chloride fills the lines, I know it is NOT a scratch from recent times. Opening the common leather case that has an earlier hinge repair is a visual delight. Not only is the portrait exceptional but also the blue velvet piping and plush royal blue pad are very complimentary.