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Half Plate


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SO VERY TIRED! This fantastic half plate man is truly one of the most remarkable male portraits I have owned in forever! Someone else made the mat scrapes inside the oval brass mat. And speaking of the device used to surround the gentleman, who had one of the greatest faces ever daguerreotyped, on the reverse of the mat was a penciled inscription: ?Norristown PA Nov. 13 1868″ on one side and opposite in the upper corner was: ?Stroud & Sons 209?. William Stroud was an iconic daguerreotypist who first worked in Norristown in the mid-1850s. By 1867 he had moved from 201 Egypt (Main) St. to this address on the mat. Two of his sons apparently shared the business with him. This is absolutely one of the latest dated plates that I have ever owned! He and his boys also produced excellent paper photographs for many years. The technical merits of the likeness soar off the charts. The fantastic focus presented his facial features with such striking realism that as I type I await an adjustment of the subject?s eyes in my direction. Did his lips part to engage me in a conversation? The depth of the piece is holographic. The contrast and tonality are both amazing. The condition is fabulous! The lighter toned pigments on his face were part of him. He is kept in one of the deepest leather cases that has a repaired cloth hinge that I have ever owned. One of the pair of brass latches and loops is missing.