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Half Plate


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BY C. THAYER! This half plate by C. (Charles) Thayer who worked in Lowell Massachusetts (1847-1848), Boston (1849-1856) and in Charlestown across the river (1852-1858). The fellow?s example, that has very fine wipes from previous ?restoration? to the right of the gent’s face and in a couple places on his deep dark coat, represents the only portrait this size that I have seen by Thayer! Obviously he was taxed to the edge of his daguerreian abilities. His client?s ascetic face was washed out (could his flesh have been that pale in life) and there isn?t much detail in his vest and suit jacket. The pose was rather dramatic and Thayer did well not to get reflections in the man?s lenses. Of course, I wonder if that was a wig covering a cue-ball crown? Or maybe the guy simply had a bad haircut day? The fellow is kept in a Boston style black leather (with pieces missing) push button case. The spine repair was inspirational in the hands of a rank amateur! A piece of black paper was glued to the separate halves. It does work, for now.