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A CLASSIC BUST, Half Plate Dag


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This is a magnificent half plate daguerreotype taken by Southworth & Hawes mostly likely circa 1845-1848. When I purchased the image the silver was covered with tarnish. I had no idea who the daguerreotypist might have been. The mat was totally incorrect. After Casey began restoration we noticed that the plate had been framed with three different mats during its lifetime. I also noticed the telltale clip marks (only seen on examples by S & H) centered at the top and bottom of the double-silvered palette that retains awesome contrast and holographic depth that no pixels can reproduce. This oversized oval brass mat mimics the original enclosure. The mat came in a repaired leather case favored by the Langenheim Brothers from Philadelphia and was used during the time period I mentioned. I apologize to the next owner for the “convenient marriage” but I wanted to protect the masterwork from any more damage. The mat abrasions aren’t quite so obvious when the central, unidentified figure is appreciated. S & H were truly at the pinnacle of daguerreian art in America for many years. The crispness of focus on the professional rendered bust made the man appear lifelike!