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Half Plate


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WONDERFUL COMPOSITION! This unidentified gent was posed with panache! He was taken on a sparkling half plate and is kept in a nice complete leather case, which is absolutely original. The copper side of the piece was slathered with black resin which matches the stains on the case?s bottom paper. The design on both covers was used circa 1846-1848. Most likely a wooden block was attached to the wax while U-shaped polishing was done on the silver. Casey remarked, ?I love how this dag is buffed.? As you know the large majority of dags after the very early period were either done horizontally or vertically. This was a surprise. Casey also notated on the new archival seal that there wasn?t any hallmark. If only the fellow would have curled his small mouth into a warm grin. His relaxed composure with his torso turned sideways to the lens was awesome. And the way he placed one hand over the other was inspired. The daguerreian created a three-dimensional model of the man using clever illumination. Fine patina flows around the subject. Some mold spiders and a solitary green speck, lower left, aren?t harmful.