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Half Plate


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JEEZ!!! I was so astounded when Casey handed me his archivally conserved half plate held in a complete leather case that I could only initially say the first word in my description! Then I grew silent while I rotated and examined the gentleman in good light. Daguerreian magic came to mind. Three dimensionality quickly followed by my observations of incredibly controlled illumination and spot on focus. Lovely hand coloring embellished the man?s extremely handsome countenance! His maker was a true professional both in daguerreotypy and the artistry of composition. Obviously, his instructions to a very willing client were followed to perfection and are seen in extraordinary classic bust pose. I keep waiting for the fellow, whose visage seems so alive even today, to turn his head and thank me for taking the time to visit him in the unidentified studio. Folks, this is the type of magnificence on silver that you should all strive to obtain in your collections of fine daguerreotypes. Pale patina and a few meaningless spots are visible. Until the next owner holds the leather case in his or her hands, the power of the piece won?t be fully realized or appreciated! The book style complete leather case had a pair of broad brass latches on the rails opposite the spine. Inside was a plain plush burgundy pad.