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And nicely tinted. Carol and I examined the resealed half plate together and we thought that mom looked rather remarkable for having given birth to her baby less than six months earlier. The child?s outstretched arm presented a teeny subject in deep sleep! Let us not forget the cunning little lass leaning against mom. What an adorable child. Both her parents had pleasantly proud expressions when they visited a premier daguerreian?s gallery circa 1850. The horizontal format on a large plate that was created with such perfection is only fully revealed when the intact leather case is opened. Part of the pale blue tint on the dress has disappeared over time and revealed the first layer of color. Gold was painted on all of the subjects? pieces of jewelry and red pigment highlighted the patterned tablecloth. This is a marvelous and memorable family gathering. The brief mat marks and mold mites are unremarkable and not bothersome.