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Half Plate


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?SAM AND SARAH . . . Sat for their very bright professionally made and resealed, by someone else, half plate daguerreotype circa 1850 most likely in a Boston daguerreian?s studio. The actual inscription on a piece of paper that accompanies their holographic portrait was: ?Samuel & Sarah (Holden) Brimblecom?. Apparently Mr. B was born in 1823. According to letters held at the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley circa 1847-1849 he was writing about the Chinese Opium trade. He sailed a ship from China to San Francisco in 1849 and worked on the store ship Panama anchored in SF harbor for about one year before returning to his native Massachusetts where he and Sarah were married in 1850. Because there is an area above their heads where the silver has teeny bubbles, Casey thought it best not to do further restoration, hence many of the doubled dots you see are on the underside of the glass. There is patina in places around the couple tiny black specks visible most prominently on Sarah?s hands and scarf. Captain Brimblecom deserves to be researched further. Their leather case has an old fabric spine repair.