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….for his love Fannie.  Found behind this sixth plate when I resealed it years ago were two small cards with cursive written on both sides.  James looks a bit lovelorn in this finely made daguerreotype.  Perhaps it is due to his love not being with him when he had it taken? Upon deciphering the cursive, I realized that James has done something that Fannie was not a fan of, like perhaps some infidelity.  In the back of the case is written a note from Fannie with the same dates as the notes.  “Are datkes which I shall ever remember___My dear James you cannot imagine how dearly I love you.”  Held in the original half case. 

The one card starts out…”I hardly know which card to put in so I think I will put both of them in, please return them as I have returned yours-if you want to.  My dear Fannie-You can imagine what were my feelings when I read the few lines in the back of the picture. They are dates ever to be remembered.  Some with joy and one with sorrow, but for your kindness and forgiveness I might have been a different person than I am.  To you my thanks are due for your interest in me saved me from a life worse than death.  Believe me my darling Fannie to be yours and only yours.   Your much attached, James  5 o’clock A m m? Stone  all by myself June 27th 1858″

The other card reads…”My darling Fannie   The 6th January 1858 and the 19th+20th April are days ever ti be remembered.  The first to my joy and the last to my great sorrow,+ joy also.  Two months have passed and I have kept my resolutions and with Divine help will endeavor to keep up, for your sake my darling Fannie and my own good also  over  With you to help me I will try to excel in everything that is good and honorable.  And when two years have called by may we (as I earnestly hope) be a pleasantly situated (that is our _?) as we are while I am now writing this-Do not think this foolishness + believe me my dear Fannie.  Your ever attached James (Send as _?)”