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Was taken in 1854 by (Charles) Fontayne at his daguerreian gallery located at 6 West Fourth St. Cincinnati Ohio. I have never really delved into any research on the man but he looks like he was an amiable chap.  The quarter plate daguerreotype with a new archival seal is kept in a complete leather case with an odd hinge repair.  Opposite the subject is a beautiful green velvet cushion.  Mr. Boroff’s face was professionally tinted.  The exemplary range of tonality was impossible to reproduce in my scan.  Daguerreian frosting in the darkest regions of the silver indicated that Fontayne “pushed his development” to achieve those incredibly rich blacks.  The depth was holographic.  Pretty blue patina surrounds the figure.  A few areas of haziness were caused by moisture droplets touching the surface.  The remainder of the specks aren’t very noticeable.