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Erin and I have combed through several books containing man 19th century personalities, and we have been unable to identify the sitter in this resealed sixth plate. I think his pose is much too dramatic for a military officer. The walrus mustache would have been more acceptable about 10 years or more after this image was made in the mid 1850’s. The man is probably an actor, accustomed to leading upon brightly lit stages, playing for adoring crowds! This was no country made dag, but taken by a fine city daguerreotypist. His character for this portrait might be a veteran of the Revolutionary War. He has certainly taken a defiant posture, as if to convey the motto, “Don’t Tread on Me!” The studio operator was exceptionally skilled at his trade and produced a remarkable plate, free from basically any flaws. There is a likelihood that it was previously cleaned as it is so free of tarnish. The speckled background creates another dimension of depth as the performer explodes inside the spectacular double elliptical mat. The blacks and white are clear, crisp and contrasting to near perfection. Feeble mat marks and a couple tiny blips don’t hinder his powerful presence. He is held in a nice leather case.  $1250