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Ninth Plate


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I WAS STUNNED… when a friend walked into the studio years ago (after the catalogue deadline for the 14th issue of THE DAGUERREIAN FORUM) with 20 images that he bought over the weekend. As we examined each one he clutched a ninth plate, black oval leather push button case in one hand. Finally he passed it over to me and I nearly expired! I quickly retrieved a scanned image on the computer screen that I had placed in my publication and it was his turn to exclaim, “my goodness, it’s the same girl.” Sure enough the gorgeous lass had changed into a plain, dark dress. She wore the identical lace collar, secured with a large brooch. Surely a Boston based daguerreotypist had Miss “M.T. Perley” (written on the white silk pad opposite her beautiful face) turn her exalted head in the opposite direction (from the other example of her I had at the time). She daguerreotyped just as beautifully. The tremendous archivally taped masterwork was resilvered! There is a dual layer of dark, then lighter patina around her vignetted likeness. The brilliantly bright reflective surface is unmarked by age. The daguerreotype sold then and was eventually bought by Casey who offered the lovely gal to me! I still don’t know anything about her.