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Ninth Plate


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CAN YOU IMAGINE? 25 Cent daguerreotypes taken in Boston at James & Co.?s gallery circa 1857-1859. Naturally that would buy you ninth plate, but I wonder if the case was additional. Other operators tried to outdo the James brothers, there were three, and stated ?two at once? on their double camera setup for the same price. Remarkable, the day the heavily bearded chap sat in the James gallery at the corner of Winter & Washington Sts. all their chemistry was in order. The lens elements were nicely finished and permitted great clarity and sharpness of this subject?s countenance. Additional information was included on the ad card that is in an archival sleeve underneath the fellow?s retaped likeness. Weird tarnish along with spots on the reflective silver are certainly apparent. I placed the piece in a fine Japanned black book style case with a separated spine. The cover was inlaid with ornate silver wire and small round pieces of mother of pearl.