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Ninth Plate


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HER SOFT SMILE. Created in a style that strongly resembles daguerreotypes produced by Southworth & Hawes in Boston, this resilvered retaped ninth plate truly sparkles when the smiling gal’s very worn red velvet oval push button case is opened. She selected a white blouse with a small repetitive pattern, which was accentuated with that elegant wide lace collar. The subject has very distinctive lips and wide set eyes. The maker illuminated the lass from above with a skylight and lessened any shadows when he surrounded his subject with white reflectors. Notice how the girl’s torso was turned and tipped so her shoulders were uneven. As she turned her lovely head that pose thrust her attractive face forward. As a final touch, she was instructed to look beyond the lens. The effect of a vignette done in the studio is heightened by the natural patina that flows around the lady. Subtle red shading embellishes her beautiful face.