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Ninth Plate Oval


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“DAGUERREOTYPE . . . By Anson 589 Broadway New York” was penciled in the bottom of the plush blue velvet oval case that holds a drop dead gorgeous young woman who comes to life because of untouched and perfectly aged delicate hand coloring. The gal’s sensuous slightly parted lips are alluring enough . . . yet her bold brown eyes are totally mesmerizing! I would wager that a crowd of newly minted admirers followed her footsteps along Broadway the day she visited Anson or one of his operators to have this superlative ninth plate taken. When the warped case is opened a magical effervescence warmly wafts my visual receptacles and playfully caresses an increased heartbeat. Waxing too eloquently again you might think! I wish I could hand each and every one of you this miniature keepsake! This dear reader is what “daguerreian eye candy” is all about! Please consider the condition, with light patina around her about as perfect as a daguerreotype can age during its lifetime. The white silk pad opposite the belle is partially water stained.