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Quarter plate dag with “C.H. WILLIAMSON” embossed on a brass mat that I have EVER SEEN with any subject posed in front of this Victorian swirl of wallpaper is featured in my first scan. Could this be the earliest identified daguerreotype made by Williamson, who apparently was educated in the art of daguerreotypy by either Marcus Root in Philadelphia circa 1849-50 or slightly later in Springfield MA by an unknown operator? Whomever the master, their pupil leaped out of the classroom and made one of the most sensitive and technically stunning crown jewels of a male subject that has come into my possession. The man’s mesmerizing dark eyes silently watched Williamson next to the camera as he counted down the seconds while the masterpiece was being forever captured on his perfectly prepared silvery and unbelievably reflective surface. Truly a holographic triumph with stunning blacks and remarkable contrast. The gentleman was not identified but he came with an exact copy of this piece in sixth plate size that is so expertly done, that it would be impossible to tell that it was indeed a second likeness from an original without the first plate. AND there is an outstanding ninth plate size brooch, taken earlier of the impressive man. The brass cover is missing. There are two large scratches on the cover glass and a white patch of haze on his arm. Heavy 150-year-old oxidation is most noticeable on the right side. Both the intact leather cased dags have been archivally resealed. The primary illustration is pristine with fine patina while the copy does have two brown spots and heavier tarnish.