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Pair of Sixth Plates


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DEEP REFLECTED DEPTH. Take out any credit card and move it around, watching the hologram do its thing. If you think that’s impressive . . . wait until you receive these two resealed sixth plates of a serious husband and his happier pretty wife. Deep depth is their hallmark! The contrast is exceptionally fine and the tones are very rich. Both portraits, obviously taken by a professional daguerreotypist, have razor sharp focus! He bathed each subject with directional light that entered the room from high above on the right side, and then balanced the shadows with a broad white reflector placed to their left. They were seated far enough away from the black hole behind them to be isolated, in the man’s image, and made three-dimensional in the woman’s. The baseboard and chair give her an additional dimension! Mold spiders are attached to the gent’s jacket and to the right of his head. There are faint mat marks on the left and bottom. His loving partner’s surface has two specks lower right and a few mat scrapes. Their once fabulous double compartment case has a bronze star on a blue velvet field surrounded by silver filigree on the cover and a beautiful golden impression on the black leather on the back. The spine is gone and the velvet is worn.