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Pair of Sixth Plates


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TWO PAIRS. Since the kids were in identical mats and preservers one would gather that they might have been related. The restored sixth plates are keep side-by-side in a fine thermoplastic case even though they were taken in the late 1840s. I think that the boys? sister held the largest bouquet of the three. It is obvious to me that the same colorist added paints to all of their flowers. Plus, he embellished the girl?s jewelry and the eldest son?s ring with gold! The two wary younger brothers were given the posies (why?) and that was that! I like the ?arm hook? probably to make certain that the youngest and most demonstrative of the four siblings didn?t decide to leap off the chair while the lens was uncapped! Their portrait has a couple mold spiders, old oxidation and teeny mat marks in two areas. The older children?s surface also has patina and many more mold spiders.