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Twins ? Pair of Sixth Plate Dags


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FRATERNAL TWINS? Both archivally sealed sixth plates were not only identically originally sealed when I bought them, the plate preparations were similar and as you can plainly see when the complete leather case with two dag compartments is opened, the quality of both likenesses was superlative. Admittedly, I am not an expert on the vignette processes, and there were many different types, but have you ever seen any examples more brilliantly made? Although the blue around the boy was darker then his sister?s example, when they are seen side by side the impact of their portraits is absolutely spectacular! Each subject sparkled inside the series of ovals. The young woman had short-cropped hair and she wore an eye-catching plaid (if only it was rendered in the original colors) dress with bows down the front. The white lace collar flanked a fancy brooch. The gal?s cool pale blue eyes, or maybe they were green, gazed directly into the daguerreian?s lens. Honestly folks, if she would have smiled, my heart certainly might have skipped a couple beats. And her brother was equally handsome with his curly hair neatly combed and his frame covered with a fine suit jacket and silk vest worn over a snow-white shirt. That oddly knotted tie must have been a rainbow of different hues. His eyes were directed towards the camera too, yet the focus seems to have been elsewhere. The reflected depth in the bright silver surfaces really resembles two holograms. The condition is as close to pristine as possible.