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Well maybe not quite what the Beatles meant, but he surely is a man of some sort of writing expertise. At first glance when I opened this sixth plate case I was taken aback slightly by his piercing eyes staring directly at me. Now, after a few more viewings, his countenance has grown on me. I think that he is eager to communicate with whomever picks up this sixth plate dag taken in the late 1840s.  Obviously something important had to be put to one and paper and documented by a daguerreotype too. Perhaps it was the Mexican War or relating early inklings of information about the gold being discovered in California? Or maybe just a letter to a loved one with the daguerreotype also enclosed? This wasn’t an uncommon occurrence and I have had a few letters over the years mentioning enclosed images. The lighting was about perfect when his likeness was captured and the image has remained in excellent condition all these years later.