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This sixth plate dag is so painterly and lovely. I couldn’t for the life of me get a good scan of it color-wise though so you are getting a phone snap instead. It really does change color (all natural) as you turn it. The house and outbuildings are surrounded by trees in full flower as well as what looks like freshly painted saplings. The master of the domain, we can assume, wears a top hat and stands in profile near the center of the image. The house is a nice one, with a little skylight in the roof facing us. Was there a small daguerreotype studio in the attic? Alas, there is no signage or no other evidence of one, but it’s fun to speculate! 

The image has been resealed, although not by us. There are a few specks of dust left under the glass. It is in fine condition though with a few minor tarnish spots. It comes in a nice case.