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Quarter Plate


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THREE SIBLINGS . . . And a spouse, who stood stoically posed behind the drop dead gorgeous women and their wicked handsome brother. That is how I decipher the sitters. Although I guess they could have all been created by the same parents. Honestly, I can?t recall ever seeing two sisters that had better physical presence on a resealed quarter plate daguerreotype. Their eyes alone would certainly have made strong hearts flutter if either of the girls was met on the street. If they were seen together, who knows what might have occurred to an innocent friend or casual acquaintance. Hey, I?m not overlooking the lad, well not completely, ha ha. His confident expression and handsome face was also sculpted in a manner to charm female admirers. The gent in the center, slightly out of focus kind of filled in the space, but never the less was talented enough to attract one of the sisters. Or not. There is also a later sixth plate ambrotype of the fellow with a woman who could have been one of these two gals or another female partner completely. Casey used the original domed glass when he did the restoration. That gave the occupants inside the oval mat walk around holographic depth! Oxidation is visible along with mold spiders and a few specks. The maker applied tinting to the faces of his clients. This is a brilliant likeness to admire inside a leather case with a professionally made leather hinge.