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Quarter Plate


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NO ONE . . . Would suggest that this woman, who was so artistically posed and expertly taken on her restored quarter plate daguerreotype ever approached the status that truly lovely ladies attained in the late 1850s. However, the excellence of the likeness and the very high quality of the entire event makes her more then worthy of my attention. Factually speaking, after actually admiring the woman a second time upon reopening her chipped thermoplastic case, I noticed the allure and mystery of her wide-set sparkling dark eyes. Her lips were also rather sensual don?t you think? Those well-defined cheekbones gave depth and personality to her softly rounded face that was enhanced by her hairstyle. I am beginning to regret my initial observations. The tablecloth was tinted and gold was painted on all her jewelry. She held a half plate leather daguerreotype case in her lower hand while her fingers were professionally positioned touching her cheek. The quality of the light and shade was very remarkable. The reflected depth was nearly outside the realm of what the greatest operators could produce. The condition is superlative! ?Cupid and the Wounded Stag? was the theme molded on both covers of the case.