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Quarter Plate


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MEET JOSEPH ADAMS! According to more information recorded on a scrap of off white paper, he was the son of Jasper & Placida Maygrant Adams! Wasn?t he very comfortable and convivial when he sat for his highly holographic restored quarter plate daguerreotype? He was framed inside a wafer thin oval brass mat backed with paper. Three prominent daguerreians favored this style of surround, Brady, Hesler and Vance. Naturally, other operators used it too. I would suggest that one of the three big galleries was responsible for the likeness. He was posed underneath a skylight. The contrast was superlative. The sharpness has rendered Joseph lifelike! The original tinting has faded slightly during the life of the daguerreotype, which was made circa 1850-1852. As easily seen on the silver, there are mold spiders and speckled tarnish. A few brown dots, especially on Mr. Adams? white shirt are visible. Never the less, at the correct angle of viewing pleasure, the natural defects are diminished and the subject is eager to converse about the day?s events. The late leather case with a paper-repaired hinge probably was not original.