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Quarter Plate Dag By Broadbent


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SHE HAD AN . . . Extraordinary presence on Mr. Broadbent’s archivally sealed quarter plate masterwork. Yes, the natural patina and haziness on the perfectly polished mirrored surface is obviously a distraction, however I have had the opportunity to open a very rare thermoplastic case, please see the second scan, and gaze into the woman?s eyes. Broadbent was actually an artist as well as a top-flight daguerreian. Hints of his original tinting remain for us to admire. The pose of the subject with one arm and hand following the curve of the brass mat and the other hand resting across that book was truly inspired. Broadbent?s ornately carved studio chair was slightly out of focus. Unconsciously those factors together assured him that any of the woman?s family or friends would be compelled to examine her kind friendly face! It is impossible to replicate the remarkable reflected depth or the overall brightness of her triumph on silver! The reverse of the case does not have a cameo bust in profile. The hinges are slightly loose but never repaired. There is a chip on the front top rail and slight wear across the bottom on the back. A burgundy plush pad inside was impressed with an intricate design. The case was not original to the portrait but certainly dates from the correct time frame. Curiously, ?S. Broadbent? was crisply stamped in the lower left corner of the mat and also up side down upper right.