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Quarter Plate


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THREE GRACES! The previous owner placed this magnificent, archivally restored quarter plate daguerreotype in a thermoplastic wall frame (please see my second scan) and since I have the ladies hanging on the wall next to my computer screen, I have decided to offer them to the next collector as presented. It is rare to have three women standing close to each other and shown almost full-length. Their sumptuous costumes were so elegant and shiny that it seems almost possible to reach out and feel the fabrics. The illumination sculpted their faces, bathing them all in brightness from high overhead. The daguerreian tinted each woman?s flesh tones and embellished their jewelry with gold paint. As you might suspect, the likeness has a holographic quality that absolutely resonates! Viewing them is a delightful experience! Yes, two of the lovely subjects moved slightly. A mold mite rests above the central statuesque figure?s upper lip. There is also a teeny scrape on her dress. A few faint white specks are totally inconsequential. The original brass ring remains intact on the back of the frame.