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Quarter Plate


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SIMPLY SEATED TOGETHER. She was eager and not displeased to pose for their portrait. Her companion seemed to hesitate upon entering the operating room and a bit reticent to be seated. The woman carried the day in my humble opinion. Her bold attire, golden jewelry and those large liquid eyes were aspects of this likeness that couldn?t fail to impress even the harshest critic. Contrasted against the lump next to her, whose only real redeeming quality was that eye-catching vest; she could have been a queen. Somehow their restored quarter plate nestled inside a separated leather case, with a bright embossed purple pad, still works. Pale rouge adorned both faces. I suspect that was out of focus drapery on the right side. The vertical line in that region is a scratch on the cover glass. Needless to say we did not reseal the image. Filaments of gold were also applied inside the gent?s suit jacket near his trousers. The remainder of the flecks and specks isn?t harmful!