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Quarter Plate


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THE ILLUMINATION . . . Created such a magical effect that even when someone who improperly cleaned the quarter plate using an unknown method left streaks on the mirrored silver, they didn’t kill off the intense subject! In fact, remnants of the once remarkable delicate hand coloring on his face still remain too. Two windows on the right side, one on top of the other permitted light to stream into the space. A huge reflector on the left worked magnificently to control the shadows and brighten the opposite side of the gentleman?s extremely handsome face. New glass and and a proper archival seal protect him from further harm. Need I add that when his complete leather case, circa 1845, is opened this magnificent portrait will not fail to excite and properly impress the next owner? Curiously, the daguerreian did not have his buffing process solved to the point of not leaving traces during that portion of the process. All else rated an A. I wonder if ?Mr. Woodbridge? was the subject and did he order ?1 doz.???? Please see the second scan.