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A Well-Made Gent, over-matted Quarter Plate


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Does the gent’s hair or his neatly knotted white tie jump at you more when the separated leather, oversized quarter plate case top removed? Of course, his beady eyes glancing sideways should be considered quite noticeable too. To me his outfit seems rather incongruous. The neatly knotted cloth around his neck supporting a collar, that drooped on one side, and his formal shirt seemed to clash with the vest and heavy woolen jacket he wore to have his likeness taken. The daguerreian managed to calm his client long enough to successfully place him on this silvery mirror. I have the impression that the fellow leaped out of bed realizing that his appointed time to be taken wasn?t far off. He grabbed the ensemble that was handy and raced off. A dag snapshot in time. The highly reflective surface had mold spiders and a patch of moisture deposit from weeping glass near the gent?s head along with similar smaller marks in a couple other places. There is patina inside the oval brass mat. Any other specks and flecks are superfluous.