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This remarkable couple sat in Samuel Van Loan?s gallery located at 159 Chestnut St. Philadelphia (the information was imprinted on the plush red pillow opposite the pair). He operated a gallery there circa 1852-1853 which certainly seems correct for the attire the subjects selected to wear for their awesome restored quarter plate. I will ask Casey to make a new spine on their leather case. This certainly is a lovely example of the art. I still sort of wonder if the duo were visiting the City of Brotherly Love from a warmer clime? And decided to visit Van Loan and received this splendid piece. The silver was re-cleaned to successfully remove very visually disturbing tarnish. There are thin mat scrapes and a small silver spot on the lovely woman?s neatly combed hair. Her debonair companion turned his torso towards the lady and dramatically crossed one leg over the other. His pose was quite dramatic to match his intense expression. Fortunately, she had a softer all-knowing appearance. Their daguerreotype has spectacular reflected depth!