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Quarter Plate


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FORTUNATELY . . . All those blue dots are on the bottom of the fellow?s jacket, below a metallic or corded lanyard that most likely was attached to his pocket watch. When I removed the cover of his separated quarter sized leather case I was astonished by the daguerreian?s use of such shallow depth of field. His client?s bright eyes, every line and crevice on his large soulful face and each strand of hair were identified. I might say that the bright red pigment wasn?t necessary on his lips and checks. I am attempting to identify the lighting scheme that was used to give an accurate record on the retaped silver mirror. It would seem, since a highlight was on the chap?s forehead near his hair line on the left the main source was high on the left. Yet, the reflections in his intelligent appearing orbs emphatically tell me the brightness was opposite and that a ginormous white wall or reflector was on that left side. One brown oval is in the backdrop. Plus a few innocuous specks. Very thin patina barely peeks out from underneath the brass oval mat. The tonality is incredible!