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Quarter Plate


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MASTER COLORIST! This resealed quarter plate presented a lad whose facial tinting was expertly applied. I mean to the tune of ?his flesh tones are better than mine?! I like his natty bowtie. He was clothed ready to succeed in life and very well groomed too. The unknown operator placed his patron inside the darkness of the surrounding space. As you might imagine, because of the overall quality of the remembrance, the depth was astounding and the actual dimensionality of his face, because of an exquisite use of light and shade, added to the realism of the portrait. If only the passage of time would have been kinder to the surface. Large and small mold spiders are obvious. The patina is brighter than you see in my reproduction. The teenager?s image is another reason why an anonymous daguerreian is always near the top of my ?favorite producers? of the finest examples of the art. His leather case has an adequately repaired spine.