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Quarter Plate


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HAD TO REACH! This kid was placed on a resealed quarter plate when he arrived for his likeness probably in the early 1850s. He might have been awarded a trophy for having the most metallic buttons ever on his tiny dark tunic. I wonder if the daguerreian could have made the top of that table any higher? And what type of pomade did the lad?s mother use to concoct that top knot hairstyle my inquiring mind wonders? I believe that the day the lad was taken, his maker tinted his flesh tones. During the life of the piece, someone cleaned the silver using cyanide fumes. Much of the applied pigments disappeared. Remnants of the base color is still visible on the child?s handsome face. His blue eyes sparkled brightly while he watched the cameraman work. Tiny mold spiders and some nearly invisible specks inhabit the holographic mirror. The boy is held in a fine complete leather case.