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Quarter Plate


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BY CROCKER & HEDGE. The duo worked in tandem but according to John Craig when he was conducting his research their location was unknown. I will easily tell you that regardless of the location of their gallery, the subject, William Ferdinand Morgan, was posed with aplomb. His aristocratic countenance on a resealed quarter plate was instantly obvious to anyone who might have opened William?s complete leather case with a professionally repaired spine. The only visible flaw in the highly reflective silvery palette was one tiny mold spider on the Morgan?s left eyebrow. Please visit this website to learn more about his illustrious career in the ministry:

A previous owner of this amazing masterwork included a Xerox copy showing an identified variant of another dag taken circa 1850. Craig noted 1850 as the time period that Crocker and Hedge worked. And I would concur that this likeness was also executed at that time.