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Quarter Plate


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“CARRIE & JIMMIE McCREDIE” . . . Were expertly posed by an operator who had full confidence in his abilities to perfectly place the kids on his pristine quarter plate that he covered with a piece of domed glass creating an illusion of depth so great that it seems possible to enter their space and walk around the interior of the studio. Since the cover was in excellent shape, I used it when I made the new archival seal. Special, spectacular and splendiferous come to mind when I opened their leather case that Casey has professionally bound together. Carrie?s sumptuous off her shoulder dress was certainly a masterpiece of fine needlework! Jimmie?s long button filled suit jacket, trousers and shirt of white were worn well, but did the lad really need that frilly lace collar? Folks, their daguerreotype was a triumphant example of what was possible late in the daguerreian era. Sure wish I knew the man or woman responsible for the work of art.