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Although the lovely lady was unidentified, when I open her early and rare professionally repaired push button leather case, I feel as though I have known the subject for many years. What a spectacular quarter plate daguerreotype that the woman’s maker over matted with this outstanding oval shaped piece of stamped brass. The operator’s illumination mimicked Rembrandt’s use of light and shade. The details of her face were a three-dimensional delight. Asking his client to gaze past the lens and to form her lips into a slight smile were inspirational suggestions. Very light pigments were applied to the patron’s freckled face and hands. The shiny buttons down the front of that dark dress reflected the brilliant brightness entering the studio. Long tassels were attached to the flowing velvet shawl she wore while the lens was uncapped. Patina flows around her. The mark on the left was a thread of dust captured under the gold chloride. The holographic depth provides multiple reflected views of the sitter.