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An awesome resealed quarter plate dag of a hunter with his shotgun seated in front of a wrinkled drop. There were many scratches, a fingerprint and heavy tarnish diminish on the silver. The fellow also had a powder horn and what appears to be a pair of binoculars in a pouch strapped across his chest. That large hat was placed on a table resting on a pair of antlers. The background was peaks and valleys of light and shade across the folded cloth. The primitive portrait was produced on a double silvered plate mostly likely taken circa 1852. The gent’s homespun clothing was indicative of his rural background! Actually, all the oxidation helps to strongly diminish the previously damage done to the surface. And there are a cacophony of competing colors across the expanse of his likeness, including his brightly solarized white shirt. I have owned many character daguerreotypes in the past. This example can compete with any one of them for placement at the pinnacle of the “best in category!”