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The woman stood for her quarter plate portrait because sitting still in her condition for many seconds might have been terribly uncomfortable. I know you wonder (always) what I am referring to right? I believe the lady was in her third trimester of pregnancy. She was modest in the sense that she didn’t want to show off her bulging belly completely but did visit an unidentified studio at the urging of her loving husband. She still insisted on wearing that large cape buttoned at her waist. Another key component to my conclusion (aside from Erin arriving home from PA and looking over my shoulder to say, “that woman is pregnant”) was the tightness of the picked ring on her finger. The man also delicately made “diamonds in her brooch. Next to the subject lying on the table was her wonderful bonnet. The drapery and tassels in the upper left corner are rather weird. I like this lady who was taken on a resealed plate that has patina near the mat opening, a few white dots upper left and a couple mold spiders. The leather spine on her case was repaired.