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Quarter Plate


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SIBLINGS TOGETHER. Her face is reflected in her brother’s dark jacket several times and that should be an indication of the great technical effort on display in this quarter plate fantasy. The cooperation of all the siblings is a pleasure to see; especially the younger brother, with his outstretched arms surrounding the two older kids. He doesn’t seem to be the least bit put out by the shooter’s instruction. The sister on the right is slightly stiff, but that was caused by a lack of space. She had to place one arm across her waist and then was given a case to hold. Once the ornate scalloped brass mat was placed around them, she was nearly severed from the others. The oldest child was seated sideways on a small chair and he allowed that loving little darling to nestle against his side, and rather than digging his chin into her skull, he calmly tilted his head back. Notice the tiny ribbon tied on her wrist and the delicate touch of her hand on his. Of course, someone might assume that the two sisters couldn’t accept each other’s presence and the little girl displayed her feelings by cuddling against their brother. The meaning doesn’t matter; it is the visual effect that is so poignant. The resealed plate has minimal oxidation, scattered spots and dots and slightly visible buff strokes at an odd viewing angle. The ornately stamped mat and the worn leather case with a floral theme belong together.