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Quarter Plate


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A WARM RELATIONSHIP. The Chase brothers, originally from Kensington, NH, a town that borders Exeter to the southwest, certainly were capable Boston daguerreians. Lorenzo actually had other partners in the trade, but during the years 1848-49 it is likely that Ezra worked in tandem with the younger man since they were both listed at 247 Washington St. The quarter plate offered of two young chaps, possibly brothers themselves is a holographic home run that was recleaned and archivally resealed by me. There is a tiny bump between the chair?s back and the mat on the left side, along with some almost invisible feathery scratches. One is seen on the young fellow?s sleeve below his partner?s hand. Their composition was artfully done. Asking the teenager on the right to sit sideways on the spool backed chair and reach around his companion was inspired. This example has such fantastic contrast that you can feel the highly polished wood between them. Their expressions are interesting. The lad on the left peered directly into the lens in a no-nonsense manner while his chum or sibling gazed off into the distance with a rather detached air. While the cover of the leather case is gone, a variant of the Delicate Roses design is the pattern on the bottom.